2019 shines ⭐️

‘Rob and Gran

Well surprise surprise I am not feeling too shabby as I was not too sure how I would be the morning of the 1st January 2019 after a family night with some impromptu entertainment and then stepping out to the Winery Bar in The Kingsway for a glass of bubbles but unfortunately the music was a little heavy emotionally and loud so the night was short lived…a short lived night meant a walk up the hill or rather hills back home as I had not earnt a taxi ride that would come from a big night out.

I did decide though it was a ride and breakfast to celebrate 🎉 the start of 2019 (any excuse really!!) and off Rob and I went on our mountain bikes down some steep West Launceston hills for an urban scape ride around Launceston, enjoying the whispy clouds, historical architecture and imagining the Anglo Saxons of old…holidays has meant a lot of Netflix watching ( The Last Kingdom, Vikings, Robin Hood and Marco Polo) transporting us to lands long gone battled by Danes and Saxons and every other person wanting to be king!!

At breakfast over my fresh and juicy oj I did the obligatory pondering of what I would like to manifest and achieve with this 365 days for 2019. Rather than setting intentions I thought I would start with quarter goals that will support our two planned adventures for this year Cairns (March) and Western Australia (September). Fitness is a gold star ⭐️ must so my two healthy healthy goals for Jan – March are to have an adventurous mountain bike ride at least once a week and sign up for the F45 8 week challenge in February; the functional fitness of F45 I find really supports my chasing and keeping up with Rob on our rides…also it helps for sprinting away from frothing farm dogs and bombing magpies.

The short ride back home up the hills was a test of fitness just pure nasty but strangely enjoyable once I had parked the bike back in the garage.

New Year’s Day was then finished at the Longford Horse Races overall it reminded me of being on a cruise sitting around drinking and eating….Rob sat patiently looking up into the mountains wondering what tracks were out there to be discovered!!!


My grateful moments of the day

1. Enjoyment of the morning ride around the Seaport and through the city. A feeling of relaxed freedom.

2. Chilling at breakfast.

3. Laughter – I think mum enjoyed the antics of the bookkeeper who also forgot to put her bet on and the horse had a place!


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