Feral Beryl

Day 11

Dunedin and a train out – Taieri Gorge Railways to Middlemarch (ie Bogmarch)

Late morning start becomIng rather the norm, I peered out from underneath my eyelids to be greeted with another dreary cold grey day and it took a lot of willpower to peel back the doona and discover what today’s challenge the universe was going to deliver…first challenge not so bad was the cleaning ladies knocking on the door advising that checkout was in one hour.

On leaving our accommodation the plan was to get the train to the start of the Otago rail trail that did not leave till 2:30pm as we had missed the 9:30pm…the train station was grand I almost felt that I could be In Russia with its ornate train station and the greyest of days…today I am exhausted, 🥶, freezing and feeling rather miserable not a good mix for a holiday cocktail even Rob is saying ‘I think we should only bike tour in warmer places like Vietnam or Sri Lanka’

As we had a few hours to entertain ourselves in Dunedin we did a 5min ride around the historic town and then a progressive cafe tour …I have discovered a taste for caramel lattes and free wifi can entertain me for hours.

Then onto the scenic Taieri Gorge Train to Pukerangi and a wild rocky 20kms into Middlemarch (alias bogmarch).

As we discovered on our train ride the worst floods experienced in the South since 1918; we were told on arrival at our underwhelming accommodation that sewerage had escaped into their water system and tommorrow they were doing maintenance and having to empty all water tanks…best we boil the water and to brush our teeth with bottled water. Felt like I was in Bali without the culture …mmm as for the culture let me share the art work.

Rob’s 3 favourite moments of the day…

1. The train ride which included a commentary of dad jokes and the picturesque wild scenery.

2. Breakfast – filo pastry curry cauliflower and feta.

3. The ride into Middlemarch – chunky gravel road had the bikes hopping allllll over the road, we were rally riding!


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