Onwards and upwards

Day 11

Oamaru to Palmerston (get me out of here!!) then onto to Dunedin.

After a leisurely coffee and breakfast we said Goodbye to Oamaru and onto Palmerston….the start was climbing nothing unusual there along the coast, then sharing the highway with high speed farming and petrol trucks eek 😬 and on arriving at Palmerston 60kms later it was an underwhelming vibe that soon became spooky. I just had a feeling that we really could not stay there and after some hot chips it was decided ‘let’s get the hell out of town’…at this time it was 2:00pm.

Getting out of town and to Dunedin meant you guessed it, more climbing but this climbing was insane!! I thought I had experienced crazy at Burke’s Pass but this was incromphensible and I thought it could not get any worse but oh yes it could …15kms out of Dunedin there was a sign gravel route or sealed, we took the ‘sealed route’ well I would have hated to have seen the gravel route and we began the 15km mountain climb into Dunedin, it was relentless maybe even bordering on tortuous. Though on the flip side very scenic with creeks, large pine trees, mountain fresh air and just stillness other than the occasional lamb bleeting.

There was a steep descent into Dunedin that tested Rob’s breaks he squealed his way into town whilst I was pedaling furiously trying to keep up and not have an anxiety attack about being lost with no idea where I was, every survival mechanism had been tested today I was at my limit….freezing and a little shell shocked from our ride we found some half price accommodation at 7:00pm, essentially we had been out riding from 10:00am – 7:00pm and most of that was mountain climbing…I just wanted to sleep 💤 but the essentials of eating and doing washing all had to be ticked off before I crawled into bed well past my bed time.

Rob’s 3 favorite moments of the ride from Oamaru to Dunedin

1. Warm shower and heater at the end of the day.

2. Clearing all the mountain passes into Dunedin

3. So hungry Maccas even tasted alright. And as Rob was inhaling his food I guzzeled a litre of soft drink that tasted better than any NZ Sauvignon Blanc!


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